To Sploof or Not to Sploof? That is the Question

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Welcome to the world of sploofs and smoke filters. If you're a cannabis enthusiast, you've probably heard of these handy devices. But what exactly are they, and should you consider using one?

A sploof, also known as a smoke buddy or smoke odour eliminator, is a device designed to filter out the smoke and reduce the associated odours of cannabis. It's a simple yet effective tool that can make your smoking experience more discreet and considerate for those around you.

Whether you're trying to be mindful of your neighbours, concerned about lingering smoke odours, or prefer a cleaner-smelling environment, a sploof can help. Minimising the sight and smell of cannabis smoke allows you to enjoy your hobby without causing discomfort to others.

But do you need a sploof? That depends on your individual preferences and circumstances. If you live in a shared space, have sensitive neighbours, or want to keep your smoking habits low-key, a sploof could be a valuable investment.

In the next sections, we'll explore a sploof, how it works, and even how to make one at home. So, stay tuned to discover the best options for controlling cannabis smoke and keeping your surroundings odour-free.

What is a Sploof and How Does it Work?

A sploof is a device used to filter out the smoke particulates of cannabis, reducing or even eliminating the associated odours. While no sploof can eliminate 100% of cannabis smoke, it can significantly reduce the sight and smell. This makes sploofs useful for minimising the impact of cannabis smoke on furniture, clothing, and the surrounding environment. They are also helpful in being courteous to others who may not appreciate the smell of cannabis or have difficulty breathing around it. Homemade sploofs can be made using simple materials such as an airtight tube, a filter (such as a dryer sheet), and a rubber band or duct tape. Store-bought sploofs are also available and often utilise activated carbon or charcoal for enhanced odour absorption.

Sploofs capture and neutralise smoke particles as they pass through the device. Homemade sploofs typically rely on a filter, such as a dryer sheet, to trap and mask the smell of cannabis smoke. The filter is secured at one end of the airtight tube, while the other end is used as an intake for the smoke. As the user exhales the smoke into the sploof, it passes through the filter, and the filtration material absorbs or masks the odour. This helps to reduce the visibility of smoke and prevent the lingering smell from spreading.

Shop-bought sploofs often incorporate activated carbon or charcoal filters, known for their excellent odour-absorbing properties. These filters adsorb smoke particles onto their porous surface, effectively neutralising the odour. Activated carbon has a large surface area and can trap many smoke particles, making it a popular choice for those seeking enhanced odour elimination. Some store-bought sploofs also feature technologies like HEPA filters, which further improve smoke purification and odour reduction.

Using a sploof can be a discreet and considerate way to enjoy cannabis without causing disruption or discomfort to others. Whether you opt for a homemade or store-bought sploof, these devices offer a practical solution for minimising the impact of cannabis smoke on your surroundings. By effectively reducing odour and visibility, sploofs provide a smoke-free experience that is more pleasant for you and those around you.

How to Make a Sploof at Home

Making a sploof at home is a cost-effective option that allows you to enjoy a more discreet and pleasant smoking experience. You can create a homemade sploof using readily available items by following a few simple steps.

Here's a step-by-step guide to making a sploof using a toilet paper roll tube:

  1. Take a toilet paper roll tube and gather the necessary materials: dryer sheets or paper towels, air freshener, and rubber bands or tape.
  2. Spray several dryer sheets or paper towels lightly with an air freshener. This will help mask the smell of cannabis smoke.
  3. Place the scented dryer sheets or paper towels inside the toilet paper roll tube, ensuring they are tightly packed.
  4. Secure the dryer sheets or paper towels using rubber bands or tape at both tube ends.
  5. Your homemade sploof is now ready to use. Exhale the smoke through the open end of the tube, and the dryer sheets or paper towels will filter out the smoke particles, reducing the odour.

You can use activated carbon if you prefer a more effective homemade sploof. Here's an alternative method:

  1. Soak activated charcoal in water for a few minutes to activate its filtering properties.
  2. Take a plastic bottle and poke small holes in the bottom for airflow.
  3. Place the activated charcoal inside the bottle, ensuring it covers the holes.
  4. Exhale the smoke through the bottle's opening, and the activated charcoal will absorb the smoke particles, minimising the odour.

Remember to dispose of your homemade sploof or reuse it if desired. Making a sploof at home is an easy and effective way to reduce the smell and visibility of cannabis smoke, creating a more pleasant environment for both you and those around you.


Whether to use a sploof or not depends on individual preferences and circumstances. Sploofs can effectively reduce the smell and visibility of cannabis smoke, making them a considerate option for those who want to minimise the impact of their smoking habits on others.

Homemade sploofs can be made using simple and inexpensive materials, while store-bought sploofs offer enhanced odour absorption through activated carbon or charcoal filters. Both options can be effective weed smoke filters, deodorisers, and smoke purification devices.

Ultimately, using a sploof can help create a more discreet and pleasant smoking experience for both the smoker and those around them. By investing in a sploof, you can be confident that you're taking proactive steps to minimise the effects of your smoke and be considerate towards others.

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